Italian Handmade Jewels

Metal, Stone, Wood, Ideas.
The Ideas. That’s where we start. Ideas may appear any time and in very different forms.
When we feel them we get to work. Carving, melting, shaping, modelling, that is what we do to make them real, we add brightness and create rings, pendants, bracelets, cuff-links and more. Even your ideas born in your minds as fragments of beauty may become something real and unique, pushing through the hands of a master artisan to become objects of art to stand in the light of the world and be admired.
Sardinia, archaic mother of black obsidian and precious coral, with its unique coasts and rough coastline offers deep inspiration and meditation, so that being an artisan here is a matter of life, not a simple job.
We would like to share through this page the secrets of the stones and our handicrafts. The pictures shown here are just a brief indication of our production and of all the skills and hard work behind it.
In addition, the Made in Italy quality brand is fully represented in our artisanship.

Please contact us and we will be glad to listen to your requests and try our best to meet your desires.